President's Message Charles Jarmon

National Alumni President

It is a privilege to serve as president of the Adkin High School Alumni Association. My term of office began with the election held at our August 27, 2014 biennial reunion. Lloyd Folk and Felix Coward–the Association’s two most recent presidents–have been helpful in their willingness to render advice and assistance during this transitional period. I am grateful for their support and extend to them our gratitude for their years of service to the Association.

More than half of our Board of Directors is newly elected. They include: Florentine Miller, vice president; Audrey Nobles, treasurer; Benita Parker, secretary; Charles Coward, chair of the Community Relations Committee; Claude Randolph, chair of the Building Committee; Marylyn Patrick, chaplain; John Dudley, and Curmit Fordham. I am delighted to say that they have demonstrated a deep commitment to our goals and mission.

We have several activities underway. First, the Ways and Means Committee is preparing for the 2015 fundraising initiative. Alumni and friends of Adkin High School will soon hear from the Committee regarding this initiative. Many of you have made contributions before and I am asking you to renew your contribution or indeed to increase it as our expenses continue to increase, especially the expense to repair the old roof of the gymnasium, our aim is to replace it. Each member of the Board will be asked to give a significant donation, as I believe that the responsibility begins with us first. We will need the support of all alumni and friends. This Committee is chaired by Jesse Wiggins and he and other members of the Committee will be contacting you for your support in reaching our fundraising goal for the year.

Second, we are still in contact with the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office for its nomination of the Charles B. Stewart Alumni and Friends Center (The Adkin High School Gymnasium Complex) as a historic property for listing in the National Register of Historic Places in North Carolina. We are still optimistic about our eventual success.

Six Adkin High School alumni, including myself, were interviewed by the Smithsonian Institute about the 1951 student walkout and historical background of Kinston during the 1940s and 1950s. This interview was taped for airing on C-SPAN television. John Dudley, one of the leaders of the walkout, Sam Dove, Eleanor Stewart, Harold Suggs, and Francis Suggs participated in the interview. The interview is now available for viewing on the Smithsonian Institutes’ website.

As members of the Board move forward with plans to advance the mission and goals of the Alumni Association in serving and supporting alumni and friends, and in reaching out in service to the Kinston community, we will need your input and support. It is my hope that you will use the Adkin High School Website as a way of informing us of your concerns.


Charles Jarmon